Nir Bitton
Brooklyn, New York
Twitter feed design for Mika Tajima @ R11 gallery
Panel for "304.8Ccm Paintings"
The Vocal Constructivists - Walking Still - CD artwork and booklet design
Typographic Experiments with Music Box
Kitzu - Visual Sequence for Music Concert
Etudes of Migration Data @ Tel Aviv Museum Square
Dynamic Graphic Notation presentation @ Pecha Kucha TLV #12
Dynamic Graphic Notation Exhibitions
The Radical Graphic Notations / Book (Self Published) and Ensemble work
Dynamic Graphic Notation - early Experiments for Notating System

Other projects

The Sequence and Its Abolishment
Experiments with Movement and Time
Geometric Composition no. 1,2
Ludwig Wittgenstein's Logic-Philosophic Treatise eReader
Someone Say Something Intimate - All Cheers Combinations (a study for a video piece)
Methodology is a Girl (Vogue piece)
Untitled (Handwriting Papers)
Rhetoric and Possibilities of Order; Authoritarian Compilation About Conceptions of Freedom
Daniel Hesidence Lecture Poster
Movie Night - Screenings and Web Posters (archive)
"Experimental Typography (Why Don't You Speak?)" Presentation Event Posters

Clients and Collaborators:

Tom Reznikov, Haifa University Music Department, Tom Klein, Faza Productions, Maayan Sheleff, Liat Segal, Alex Ness, Adiya Porat-Kligler, Jewboy Corporation / Kitzu, AlefAlefAlef / אאא, Yael Kraus and Tamar Eisenman, The Vocal Constructivists, Jon Gorman, Shira Inbar, Olof Inger, Marina Kitchen, Martha McGill, Houman Momtazian, Benjamin Niznik, Kyle Williams,

Nir Bitton, 2016